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Intertec introduces the best auxiliaries products from the tops partners in the orthodontics field, included Aesthetic Line accessories, different eruption appliances, braided retainer wires, extraoral  appliances, Stands plier & wires organizers and many products for patients comfort included Ortho Kit,  sport Mouth Gard, etc.

Tooth Tone®
Aesthetic Accessories

Makes Aesthetic Treatment Complete
The proprietary tooth colored coating offers superior aesthetics that blend perfectly with the patients enamel and aesthetic brackets. The extremely durable coating is highly resistant to staining.

Eruption Appliance
24k Gold Plated Eyelet and Traction Chain

Facilitates the Eruption of Impacted Teeth
· Bondable to cuspids impacted palatally or labially
· Chain swings freely within the eyelet
· Chain links can be cut easily to desired length
· Two base styles and two chain styles to choose from
· Safer for Nickel sensitive patients

Braided Retainer Wire
For Simple, Effective Lingual Appliances

· As semi-permanent orthodontic splinting of the upper or lower incisors
· To maintain difficult extraction sites

Multi-Adjustable Facemask®
Discover the Ideal Choice to Achieve Maximum Class III Compliance

· Free-flow air vents
· Full range of motion option
· Reinforced crossbar
· Maximum patient comfort
· Fully adjustable
· Light-weight

ULTRA-GUARD® All-Sport Mouthguard
Discover the Perfect Mouthguard

· Ideal for athletes with braces
· Helps to protect both upper and lower teeth
· Helps to protect lips and cheeks from laceration
· Doesn’t require boiling or impressions
· The perfect mouthguard for all sports
· Color mouthguards meet NCAA regulations
· $7,500 Dental Warranty
· Individual packaging
· 12 mouthguards in each box
· Latex free

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