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Something about us,
Intertec Ltd. has been in the Orthodontic Field since 1988. Since Intertec entry into the market, great progress in the Israeli Orthodontics has been made and many new products have been introduced to dentists, enabling excellent service and support. Intertec began its way as the representative of Ortho Organizers Inc., who is now one of the tops leading companies in this area under Henry Schein Orthodontics portfolio . Several dramatic developments in the local market, gave Intertec a great push and in 1991 it became the exclusive representative of 3M Unitek, the largest and most prominent company in Orthodontics. The company offers its customers the most advanced possibilities and its motto is Innovation and the Best Quality. Today after 35 years of excellence, we are a leading company in the Orthodontic Field, we import and distribute to all the specialists and local market which includes universities, Israeli Defense Force, Hospitals, Public and Private Clinics. Every dentist receives the best available stock which contains thousands of items and thanks to our efficient logistics program we can supply the orders from day to day and give our best professional service. We make our best efforts to improve our service and satisfy our customer, we offer new products, congresses & training, courses in Israel and abroad. We invite you to visit our web site and keep in touch, so you can always be informed and updated.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Lipnik
Managing Director

Quality standards


Intertec Ortho is committed to Quality and to operating an effective Quality Management System.
It is our policy to use this commitment to provide Orthodontic products that meet our customers’ requirements and to comply with ISO 9000:2008, MOH Amar Certification, FDA ,CEE, and other globally recognized standards and accepted industry practices by our partners. It will be Executive Management’s responsibility to implement and provide the resources to meet the quality objectives. All Intertec Ortho .employees will accept responsibility for the quality of service and take professional pride in providing quality Orthodontic products, while maintaining our Quality Objectives.

Meet our team

  • Daniel Lipnik

    Daniel has nearly 35 years of distinguished leadership experience in the dental industry, with an emphasis in the orthodontic and...

  • Anat Lipnik Stein

    Anat oversees Intertec’s marketing activities, which includes product management, continuing education and marketing communications. She is responsible for Incognito activities,...

  • Liron Itzhaki

    Liron joined Intertec as Sales department  in 2021 . She is responsible for leading selling efforts in our local market, particularly in...

  • Guy Simon

    Guy  joined Intertec  as Senior Representative Sales  in March of 2013. He is responsible for leading the inside selling efforts...