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SET-PACK Program

Set Pack┬« program for purchasing a full orthodontics basket.

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Containing all the materials required for 10 or more cases.
Buy 10 kits of your favorite bracket and get:

  • 40 bands or tubes of your choice
  • 8 archwires packages of your choice
  • 4 elastomerics packages of your choice
  • 1 adhesive kit of your choice
  • 2 intraoral products packages of your choice
  •  The Set Pack ┬« package pricing will be according to the bracket type.
  • List of all Products are in the attached file. Please mark your choice in the right place.
  • Selection of products in each category will be complementary according to type and branch preferred by the doctor.
  • Price does not include VAT.


  • Fixed and permanent price regarding the treatment cost.
  • Free and flexible choice in products selection (in each category).
  • Smart and non wasteful inventory management, back stock balance in re-orders.
  • All products are in excellent quality by 3M or Ortho organizers Group.
  • The only ones with AMAR and ISO 9001 Certification.
  • Correct time management, Order the entire basket in one phone call, and under one account.
  • Instant supply.
  • 50% discount on first set pack order, valid only for graduates, under term of use*.
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