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3M Annual E-xcellere ROME Summit 2024

Esthetic Orthodontic solutions.. to get great CLARITY ALIGNERS.

The orthodontic business and treatment models are changing. Patients have more choices and consumerism is impacting how they make purchase decisions. At the same time, emerging technology is enabling new efficiencies and greater predictability in the practice of orthodontics.

In the midst of this change, your end goal remains the same for your patients—a beautiful smile and healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.

“Excellere” is the latin root for actions such as “to rise up,” “to elevate,” or “to surpass,” and it captures the spirit of 3M Oral Care’s commitment to helping you grow, improve outcomes, and elevate the practice of orthodontics.

Please join us for the Excellere Summit 2024, where attendees will learn from fellow Orthodontists and industry experts in how to turn change into a competitive advantage and excel in this evolving industry.

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